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Bring Light and a Touch of Art to Your Pathways with Bollard Lighting Design Ideas!

LED Outdoor Lights have been evolving for years with better quality and appearance, but now you can add an artistic touch with the Bollard Style Lights. Pathways less traveled during the evening can now be an intrinsic piece of art, displaying unique patterns. This blog will cover our favorite features about the Bollard Lights from Nightscaping®!


There are many decorative lights on the market, but not all can stand tall against the weather, careless landscapers, or normal wear and tear. That's why we recommend the outdoor lights from Nightscaping®.

Nightscaping® bollards are constructed from 11 gauge, US grade, solid Cor-Ten steel. The socket holder can also be raised or lowered to eliminate light glare from the luminaires' light source.

The Right Look

While lights can look amazing at night, it's equally vital for them to be a remarkable landscape design feature during the day. Our favorite is the Copper Vein finished because of how it can complement almost any part of your landscape. But there are plenty of options to choose from, like Weathered Rust, Weathered Steel, Copper Vein, and Stainless Steel. All metal is zinc coated before powder coating for added protection and longevity of the finish. Plus, they can stand small or tall with five different heights - 13", 21", 32", 42" and 80".

Also, we're seeing more and more customers prefer to the Grove Design, drawing its inspiration from the elegant and beautiful Aspen tree, which grows naturally in the mountains and gardens of the Western United States. But NightScapes has a variety of patterns to fit any style or design.

Are you in need of landscape lighting?

If you are looking for outdoor lighting for your home but don't know where to start, take the first step and request a consultation here! At LED Scapes, we can create any outdoor lighting design to bring beauty to your home, even at night.

Also, Click here for more information about our services, and get inspired with our latest lighting designs by connecting with us via social media. We'd love to hear from you! Service areas include Orlando, Deland, Central Florida, and the Western part of North Carolina.

Schedule your free home consultation by completing our online form or call us at 386.785.5208 and experience our services first hand.

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